Patient Rights

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In our hospital, every individual who applies for health care has the following rights:

  1. General Service Access: The right to benefit from health promotion activities and preventive health services in accordance with the principles of justice and equity.
  2. Equal Access to Services: The right to receive services regardless of race, language, religion, sect, gender, political opinion, philosophical belief, economic and social status.
  3. Right to Information: The right to be informed about all available services and facilities.
  4. Freedom to Choose and Change Institution: The right to choose and change the health institution and to benefit from the services at the chosen health institution.
  5. Personnel Identification and Selection: The right to know, choose and change the identity, duties and titles of doctors and other personnel who provide or will provide health care.
  6. Request for Information: The right to request verbal and written information about one's health status.
  7. Consent and Consent: The right to benefit from the service within the framework of informed consent in medical interventions.
  8. Rıza ve İzin: Tıbbi müdahalelerde bilgilendirilmiş rıza çerçevesinde hizmetten faydalanma hakkı.
  9. Refusing and Stopping Treatment: Tedaviyi reddetme veya durdurulmasını talep etme hakkı.
  10. Safety: The right to health care in a safe environment.
  11. Fulfillment of Religious Obligations: The right to fulfill religious obligations to the extent of the organization's facilities and within the framework of administrative measures.
  12. To Be Respected: The right to receive health care with respect, care and compassion, with a friendly, kind and caring approach.
  13. Comfort: The right to receive health care in an environment that is hygienic and free from noise and disturbing factors.
  14. Right to Visit: The right to receive visitors in accordance with the procedures and principles determined by institutions and organizations.
  15. Companionship: The right to have a companion in accordance with the legislation, the facilities of health institutions and organizations and if the doctor deems it appropriate.
  16. Right of Appeal, Complaint and Litigation: In case of violation of rights, the right of recourse, complaint and lawsuit within the framework of the legislation.
  17. Continuous Service: The right to health care for as long as needed.
  18. Stating an Opinion: The right to express opinions about the services provided.
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