Cupping and Leech Treatment

Cupping and Leech Treatment

Private Doğa Hospital has taken an important step in the field of alternative medicine with the Cupping and Leech Treatment Department. These traditional treatment methods, which have been practiced for thousands of years, are integrated with modern medicine and offered to our patients. Cupping (cupping) and leech treatment are recognized as effective methods in the treatment of various health problems and we aim to increase the overall health and well-being of our patients with these applications.

Cupping Treatment (Cupping)

Cupping therapy is a treatment method applied by placing vacuum cups on the skin. This method helps to remove toxins from the body by increasing blood circulation. Cupping therapy is used in the treatment of many health problems such as headaches, back and neck pain, muscle tension, rheumatic diseases and stress. The treatment is administered in a sterile environment and by experienced therapists. The most appropriate treatment method is determined by taking into account the health conditions and needs of the patients.

Leech Treatment

Leech therapy is another traditional treatment using medicinal leeches. During their bite, leeches secrete leech saliva, which has a natural painkiller, anti-inflammatory and blood-thinning effect on the body. This treatment is especially preferred in cases such as varicose veins, hemorrhoids, migraine, hypertension and skin diseases. Medical leeches are placed on specific areas of the patient to help treat diseased tissues. The treatment is carried out under hygienic conditions and by specialized personnel.

Benefits of Cupping and Leech Therapy

These treatment methods support the body's natural healing process and offer an alternative solution to many health problems. Cupping and leech therapy help to improve blood circulation, reduce pain, reduce inflammation and provide general relaxation. In addition, these treatments can also contribute to alleviating psychological disorders such as stress and anxiety.

Implementation Process and Security

Cupping and leech treatment is applied under completely sterile conditions at Private Doğa Hospital, prioritizing patient safety. Detailed health evaluations of the patients are made before each treatment session. Treatments are carried out by experienced and specialized therapists. Every precaution is taken to ensure that patients feel comfortable and safe throughout the treatment process.

Integration of Modern and Traditional Medicine

Private Doğa Hospital offers the most effective health services to its patients by combining the scientific approaches provided by modern medicine with traditional treatment methods. Cupping and leech treatment, as part of this integration, contributes to a healthier and more balanced life for patients.

An Alternative Option on Your Health Journey

Our Cupping and Leech Therapy Department is an ideal option for patients who want to explore the benefits of alternative medicine. This unique combination of traditional and modern medicine opens a new door to your overall health and well-being. At Özel Doğa Hospital, we are proud to offer reliable and effective treatment methods for you and your loved ones to lead a healthy life.

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