Oral and Dental Diseases


The Oral and Dental Diseases Department of Private Doğa Hospital takes care not only of your teeth but also of your smile. Here, we offer innovative and comprehensive dental health services tailored to each patient, aiming not only for health, but also for aesthetic and functional improvement.

Our Unique Treatment Approaches

We go beyond standard treatment methods. Our oral and dental health services are enriched with customized treatment plans for each patient. In addition to traditional dentistry practices, we also have specialists in areas such as aesthetic dentistry, implantology and orthodontics.

Innovative and Comfortable Treatments

  • Aesthetic Dentistry: We beautify the smiles of our patients with aesthetic applications such as smile design, porcelain laminates and teeth whitening.
  • Orthodontics: We offer modern and comfortable orthodontic treatments for crooked teeth and bite disorders.
  • Implant Tedavileri: Kaybedilen dişlerin yerine, fonksiyonel ve estetik implant çözümleri sağlıyoruz.

Technology and Innovation

At our hospital, digital dentistry and 3D imaging technologies make the treatment process faster, more effective and comfortable. We also aim to provide the best service to our patients with laser-assisted treatments and computer-aided design (CAD/CAM) systems.

Patient Experience Oriented Approach

It is our top priority for our patients to feel comfortable and safe during their treatment process. We shape our oral and dental health services by considering the comfort and satisfaction of our patients.

Meeting Point of Health and Aesthetics

Private Doğa Hospital Oral and Dental Diseases Department offers customized solutions for you to protect and improve your dental health and to have an aesthetic smile. Make your appointment now and open a new page in your life with your smile.

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