Patient and Visitor Guide

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Patient and Visitor Guide

At our hospital, Private Doga Hospital, we are aware of the critical importance of being with your loved ones during your recovery process. We understand the value of the time your visitors spend with you and we support this togetherness. However, in order to ensure the peace and comfort of all our patients, we ask our visitors to pay attention to the following issues:

Internet Access: There is an infrastructure on every floor of our hospital that will provide you with internet access via the telephone line in your rooms. You can benefit from these services without any additional charge.

Our Security Principles: Your safety is the top priority at Private Doğa Hospital. Our security personnel are on duty around the clock in the hospital area. We kindly ask you to support our security measures at the entrances to the hospital, in the parking lot area and in identity checks when necessary.

Our Consultation Services: From the first moment you step into our hospital, our consultation staff will welcome you with a warm welcome. Our consultation team will be happy to assist you in the following areas:

  • To answer all your questions.
  • Providing guidance within the hospital by showing the way.
  • Providing information about intercom and room numbers.
  • Helping to call a taxi.
  • To provide orientation brochures that will facilitate your transportation within the hospital.


Our Visitor Policy:

Visiting hours are planned taking into account the rest periods of our patients:

  • Please visit our patients in accordance with established procedures and in a way that does not disturb the peace of other patients.
  • Visiting hours are from 10.00 to 22.00, respecting the care and rest periods of our patients.
  • Please make your visits during the specified hours by following the visitor rules.
  • Avoid smoking, bringing food and any behavior that may pose a risk of infection.
  • Limit visiting time to 15 minutes and do not allow more than two visitors in the room at the same time.


Our Companion Policy:

The need for a companion will be determined under the guidance of your doctor:

  • The number of accompanying persons should be limited to one.
  • The accompanying person must not be present during medical care and visits.
  • Accompanying persons will be given a companion card by the nurse in charge of the ward.
  • The companion may assist in the care of the patient to the extent permitted.
  • The companion is obliged to comply with all the rules set by our hospital.

This guide has been prepared to manage your patient and visitor experience in the best way possible and to provide a comfortable environment for everyone. Please thank you for your sensitivity to protect our health and peaceful environment.

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