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What is Quality?

At Private Doğa Hospital, quality is defined as providing equal service to everyone in need, at the right time, with the right practices, by well-trained specialists, in facilities with adequate resources, without compromising employee safety and satisfaction, in order to achieve the best health outcomes.

In shorter and more understandable terms, quality is seeing the need and being able to meet it, it is suitability for use, it is efficiency, it is a way of life.

The main quality elements at Doga Hospital are:

» Leadership Quality.

» Hardware Quality.

» Management Quality.

» Quality of Work.

» Human Quality


We aim to carry out our work with the understanding of Total Quality Management in our hospital. With our experienced, specialized, friendly physicians and staff, we combine health services with quality standards by following scientific and technological developments.

We take all measures to ensure the highest level of patient safety and satisfaction. We adopt our goal of excellence in all areas of our preventive, therapeutic and care services. It is one of our basic principles to ensure that patients and their relatives know their rights and to show the necessary care and value.

We carry out activities focused on patient safety and satisfaction. We are sensitive to the environment during our activities and always maintain environmental awareness. We implement and continuously improve the quality management system, improve and develop employee safety and satisfaction.

We support all our staff with up-to-date trainings and show the value we give to our employees by measuring their satisfaction. We work in accordance with the principles of medical ethics without compromising the requirements of legal legislation.

Quality Management System Sample Applications:

  1. In order to reach our National Patient Safety Targets, to increase the awareness of our employees and to make Patient Safety a Corporate Culture, visual studies have been carried out and periodic trainings continue to be provided.
  2. Within the scope of Zero Waste Management, zero waste bins are placed in all areas within the organization and awareness trainings are periodically provided to employees.
  3. In order to raise awareness of a healthy society, we carry out the trainings needed by the society and the region with our expert staff.
  4. Our institution, which aims to ensure that all our pregnant women experience a healthy and safe birth process, stands by our pregnant women with our childbirth trainers, physicians, midwives and nurses through the Pregnancy School Training Programs.
  5. Online access to test results is provided to make access to the service convenient and fast for our patients.
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