Private Doğa Hospital offers comprehensive Check-Up programs to keep your health at the highest level. These programs emphasize the importance of early diagnosis and aim to detect and prevent diseases before they become symptomatic. By taking a general picture of your health, Check-Up provides guidance for lifestyle changes and necessary medical interventions.

Personalized Check-Up Programs

Every individual's health needs are different. For this reason, we design customized Check-Up programs tailored to your age, gender, health history and lifestyle. Thanks to these programs, we determine the most appropriate scans and tests for your personal health profile and protect your health in the best way possible.

Comprehensive Health Screenings

  • Basic Check-Up: Basic tests and screenings to assess your general health.
  • Extended Check-Up: A comprehensive health assessment, including more detailed screenings.
  • Age and Gender Specific Check-Up: Screenings that take into account risk factors specific to your age and gender.
  • Executive Check-Up: A time-efficient, detailed health screening for individuals with a busy work schedule.

Modern Diagnostic and Screening Methods

At our hospital, with state-of-the-art medical equipment and expert medical staff, we offer a wide range of screenings, from heart health to cancer screenings, biochemical analysis to imaging services. These modern medical methods allow us to detect diseases at an early stage and manage them effectively.

Consultancy and Follow-up Services

After a detailed analysis of your Check-Up results, our health consultants will meet with you to evaluate the results and make recommendations. If necessary, you will be referred to our relevant specialists for disease management and follow-up.

Check-Up for a Healthy Future

As Private Doğa Hospital, we are at your service with our comprehensive Check-Up programs to help you lead a healthy life. By keeping your health under regular control, reduce potential risks and step into a healthier future.

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