From the Chief Physician

We act with an understanding that embraces human health as the highest value. In order to provide the citizens of our country with the high quality service they deserve, we have created a modern, reliable and high standard structure with our physicians, each of whom are experts in their fields, and our management and staff who serve with love and do not compromise on quality. We are in constant pursuit of innovation and development. We are based on providing health services to our patients in a safe, high quality and hygienic environment. We make every effort to ensure that our patients and their relatives have a comfortable stay in the hospital. In addition to medical services, we also offer hotel services to our patients to ensure their satisfaction. Our hospital has a "Patient Rights Unit" where our patients can always apply. Our staff treat our patients and their relatives as if they were part of their own family and offer them the necessary attention, love and courtesy. Over the past five years, our staff, who have been met with intense public interest, have established a warm dialog with our patients and this dialog has been built on a solid relationship of trust. The increasing public interest in our hospital pleases us and increases our motivation. Our mission is to provide quality, reliable and honest health services to more and more people every year at affordable prices, using the most advanced knowledge and technologies of medicine, without compromising ethical values, always prioritizing the importance of human health. As Private Doğa Hospital, we continue on our way with the responsibility of carrying the steps we have taken today into the future.

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