Private Doğa Hospital's Urology Department is a leading center in the treatment of urological health problems with modern and effective methods. This department specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of urinary tract diseases, male reproductive system diseases and kidney diseases. With our experienced urologists and advanced medical technologies, we offer comprehensive and customized care to our patients.

Specialties of our Urology Department

Our Urology Department specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of the following diseases:

  • Prostate Diseases: Prostatitis, benign prostatic hyperplasia and prostate cancer.
  • Urinary Incontinence and Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms: Urinary incontinence and urinary tract infections.
  • Stone Diseases: Treatment of kidney stones, ureteral stones and bladder stones.
  • Urological Cancers: Urological cancers such as bladder cancer, kidney cancer and testicular cancer.
  • Male Sexual Health Problems: Erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.
  • Infertility Treatment: Diagnosis and treatment of the causes of male infertility.

Diagnosis and Treatment Methods

Some of the diagnostic and treatment methods offered in our Urology Department are as follows:

  • Endoscopic Surgery: Minimally invasive surgery for stone diseases and some urologic cancers.
  • Robotik Cerrahi: Özellikle prostat kanseri cerrahisinde kullanılan ileri teknoloji.
  • Laparoscopic Surgery: Minimally invasive surgical procedures performed on the kidney and other urologic organs.
  • Urodynamic Tests: Evaluation of urinary incontinence and lower urinary tract symptoms.
  • Radiological Examinations: Advanced imaging modalities such as ultrasonography, MRI and CT.

Patient Oriented Approach

By focusing on the needs of our patients, we provide them with personalized treatment plans and detailed consultancy services throughout the process. We encourage our patients to be aware of their urological health problems and take an active role in the treatment process.

Education and Awareness Raising

Our Urology Department offers regular educational programs and seminars for patients and the community. These programs raise awareness about the prevention and early diagnosis of urological health problems.

Modern Medical Infrastructure

Our Urology Department is equipped with state-of-the-art medical devices and equipment. This infrastructure allows us to offer our patients the safest and most effective treatment options.

Reliable Address for Your Urological Health

Private Doğa Hospital Urology Department is with you on your journey to protect and improve your urological health. Our expert team is ready to provide you with the highest level of service in the diagnosis and treatment of your urological health problems. Contact us for a healthy urological life and experience the difference of quality care offered by our experienced team.

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