Nursing Services

Nursing Services

Nursing services offered at our hospital aim to provide a comprehensive and holistic approach to each patient as a fundamental element of patient care. Our nursing services have the following features:

  1. Individual Approach: Personalized care based on each patient's unique needs and health status.
  2. Quality Care: Our patients receive high standards of nursing care supported by up-to-date scientific knowledge and practices.
  3. Safe Environment: Our nursing team takes every precaution to ensure the safety and comfort of patients and creates a culture of continuous safety.
  4. Education and Counseling: Our patients and their families are informed and educated about their health conditions, treatment processes and home care.
  5. Empathic and Supportive Communication: Our nurses empathize with our patients and focus on understanding and supporting their emotional and psychological needs.
  6. Patient and Family Involvement: The active participation of our patients and their families in care planning is encouraged and supported.
  7. Teamwork: Our nurses work in harmony with other healthcare professionals as part of a multidisciplinary healthcare team.
  8. Continuous Improvement and Development: Our nursing services are kept up to date and improved through continuous education and professional development.
  9. Ethical and Professional Standards: All nursing activities are carried out within the framework of professional ethical principles and national nursing standards.
  10. Accessibility and Responsiveness: Our nurses are always accessible to respond quickly and effectively to patients' needs.


Nursing services at our hospital are designed to maximize patient satisfaction and health outcomes. It reflects our commitment to be a trusted and compassionate partner in our patients' health journey.

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